a distributed VM management tool

The minimega repository includes more than just minimega. It also contains several supporting programs for building VM images, managing clusters, and generating traffic.

VMBetter: Create Virtual Machine Images

VMBetter is a tool that takes a configuration file and outputs a minimega-bootable, Debian-based VM. It can create custom initrd images, CD ISOs, or QEMU-compatible hard disk images. You can specify a list of Debian packages to install, insert any additional files you wish, and give a list of commands to run after the filesystem has been built (to perform any last-minute configuration).

igor: Cluster Reservations

igor lets you make reservations and, on properly-configured clusters, set up reserved nodes to boot from user-specified kernel+initrd files. See igor's documentation for more information.

powerbot: Networked PDU Control

powerbot allows you to control outlets on networked Power Distribution Units. It currently supports TrippLite and Server Tech PDUs, and it's easy to add support for additonal devices! powerbot's documentation describes how to set up and use it.